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Building an Email List the Right Way

Whether a business has only-just become officially registered, or whether it is shedding an age-old brick-and-mortar counterpart to generate a distinctive presence online – the gut and core of online business operations whittle down to effective advertising initiatives online. Building an email list can help drive sales and keep in contact with your users. And part of that is maintaining proper email list hygiene.

Online marketing campaigns can face their fair share of hurdles and obstacles in the long run: changing algorithms make for social-media marketing to become volatile territory to successfully traverse; moreover, search-engine requirements are in a form of continual development. A single company might generate top-notch online content, and design a main website layout that ticks all the correct boxes.  However, without it ranking significantly high in top search results, there might be no cashable traffic to consume such content. Furthermore, an annual sales plan to maintain a loyal customer base might become futile if target audiences are not being sufficiently acquired in the first place.

An email-list, on the other hand, is a medium wherein a business can retain complete control over; a brand can pack a typical email with any amount of offers, coupons, information, and content as is required; such marketing packages can then be carted off at whichever time the overseer deems both suitable, and lucrative, with regards to a specific audience of interest.

Permission-based emailing carries very little risk, a higher profit margin, and can be executed fairly quickly; with all that being noted, it is time to cover how you, a business operating online, can best build and curate an email-list.

The very first step should involve selecting an appropriate email service provider (ESP). An email service provider whittles down your task to the very basic processes of selection and testing, allowing a business to experiment with varying templates, layouts, and services before firing off a handful of emails. Such a service will offer the tools required to attract relevant subscribers, and test which sales campaigns might work best with such. Where some providers are available free of cost, others might charge a monthly rate based on varying specifics.

Once a relevant ESP has the layout, tools, and specific details taken care of, it is time to launch into the second phase: acquiring subscribers. Since email-list marketing is entirely permission-based, businesses often reach towards significant lengths in order to convince potential consumers to sign-on with their email addresses. Whether this involves the promise of exclusive discounts, free content, or otherwise a simple banner on a main website – the simpler, more direct the acquisition process is, the better. For the latter, a sign-up form can take the form of a simple banner at the end of each page within the website, or as a pop-up box every time a user is redirected towards the homepage.

The second step essentially caters with any traffic that might be visiting a main website. However, building a healthy emailing list extends far beyond a handful of sign-ups. Certain businesses dole out a portion of their marketing budget to partner with sponsors and marketers, or otherwise take to influencers online with endorsement deals.

Maintaining an active social media presence can allow potential customers to reach a sign-up form through a Pinterest mood-board, WordPress blog, or even a Facebook page.

Conventional and print media might also serve a valuable purpose, in that each advertisement might include offers to sign-up via email addresses in order to avail unique discounts and sales offers.

Chances are, shoppers might pay greater attention towards all the boxes in a check-out form. Include a small option which shoppers can tick to agree to an automatic email subscription.

Once you have built your list make sure to periodically update it to keep it fresh and remove any stale email addresses.


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