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What is Email Validation?

There is a lot of confusion in the industry on the definition of email validation. Many companies use the terms "email validation" and "email verification" interchangeably in fact. And with so many different platforms out there to choose from, all with different services, processes, and reporting, it can become quite complicated.

To make it simple for you, our definition of email validation is the correction or removal of syntax issues, duplicates, and threats from your email list.

Since we specialize in email hygiene, a large portion of our validation service also involves removing any threats from your email database. We remove invalid emails and spam traps from your email list, as well as duplicate emails, litigators, and consumers prone to complain about commercial email.  

Why Should I Validate My Email List?

According to independent research more than 20% of email signups contain typos, syntax errors, disposable domains, and other error or potential threats.

On top of that it is reported that 30% of emails become invalid over the period of one year.

If you have as little as 1% invalid emails in your client list you lose 10% in delivery to the recipients. And if 10% of your emails are invalid, delivery tanks... and less than 44% make it to the recipient.

For this reason it is essential you validate and verify your email database on a consistent basis. If not you will begin to see a negative effect on your email marketing campaigns. Your senderscore will drop, and delivery along with it. Add spamtraps or honeypots to it and your IP address is likely to become blacklisted.

In addition to helping you remove invalid email addresses we also remove threats and litigators, a real problem lately in the volatile email marketing arena.

Another major issue ar botclickers. They increase your click numbers automatically, something that can get you booted from your affiliate accounts.

Our service removes all these issues.  

Benefits from email validation:

1) Reduced Hard Bounces

Removing invalid email addresses from your list means a a larger number of emails will be delivered.

2) Fewer Complaints and Spam Trap Hits

Avoiding people who will mark your messages as spam and steering clear of spam traps means a lower complaint rate and a better sender reputation.

3) Increased Inbox Delivery and Results

With a better reputation from fewer bounces and complaints, more email will reach your clients. This directly affects your open, click, and response rates.

4) Lower Mailing Costs

By eliminating invalid emails from your lists that will mean sending less email with your ESP... reducing your costs. It does not make sense to email addrsesses that no longer exist or could be problematic, hurting your reputation.

Email validation ensures your marketing efforts produce a greater ROI. Email marketing produces one of the highest return on investments in the industry. After validating email lists many companies have report a 75% reduction in bounce rates and a 20% increase in open rates. Higher open rates lead to more people seeing your content and in many cases clicking through if the offer is targeted, and the copy is good. That in turn produces sales. It's really a no brainer.  

Our Email Validation Process

Below is list of problem emails we correct or remove during the email validation process:

  • Failed MX lookup
  • Spamtraps and honeypots
  • Lashback email addresses
  • Known expired domains
  • Cached hard bounces
  • Disposable (one time use) email addresses
  • Known litigators and attorneys involved in lawsuits against email marketers
  • Syntax errors corrected or suppressed
  • Role accounts
  • Duplicate emails
  • Departmental emails
  • Known threats
These are a few of the many checks we perform when your list is validated. There are additional proprietary processes we have developed from years in the industry as well. Our "secret sauce" you could call it.  

How Long Does It Take To Validate My Email Database?

Much of this depends on the makeup of your email list. Is it a small list composed primarily of domains like Gmail and Yahoo? It may literally take seconds in that case.

Is it a larger list (50 megs) with a thousands of small GI domains? That may take a bit longer since we have to check all those MX records and run the domains against our tables.

In most cases our platform is lightning fast. Faster than the competition.

It usually takes only a few minutes to validate most email lists. Why don't you test it yourself?  

Will Your Email Validation Remove Spamtraps?

Yes, that is our specialty. We can remove all kinds of spam traps, honeypots, and threats that could affect your IP's reputation. We have been involved in email marketing many years and are confident we can remove more spam traps than any other provider in the space. Whether it be spamcops, lashback, barracuda, and more we have a very sophisticated system, and suppression lists.

We can also remove known complainers, known litigators (there are many these days), and botclickers which increase your numbers with fraudulent clicks. This can be a major issue with networks, many times they will kick you off for these botclickers, and you are not even aware they are in your list.

We obviously cannot completely remove all abuse from your lists since traps an d honeypots are constantly being added, but we are without a doubt the best in the biz.

Test us to see for yourself.  

Will Your Service Remove Hard Bounces From My Email Lists?

Our email validation will remove a large number of hard bounces from your email list. The way we accomplish this is by performing an MX record lookup, correcting syntax errors, and then running your file against internal known bad domains and emails which have bounced in the past.

Customers always ask us if this service will remove all the hard bounces in their email list.

Chances are it will not remove all.

While it will remove many, that is not the primary purpose of this service. Our email validation service is meant for a preliminary cleaning and threat removal for purchased or older, stale email databases.

To strictly remove had bounces and get below a bounce rate of 5% you should use our email verification service.  

How Much Does Email Validation Cost?

To clean invalid emails we currently charge one credit or $.0005 per email ($497 per million).

Volume discounts are available. Contact support for a quote.  

What Results Will I See From Email Validation?

Client results will vary greatly depending on the list itself.

With our comprehensive service we guarantee we will find and remove problem emails from almost all email lists.

If we do not find any issues in one of your lists simply contact us and we will issue double credits. These credits have no expiration and can be used at any time or later date.

The Best Email Validation Company

Not all email validation companies are created equally. Email validation is a very complicated process, and one that most companies do not perform correctly. Sure, many platforms can connect remotely to the recipients mailserver with a simple recipient command and wait for the response. What they don;t tell you is that many mailservers no longer send replies. Or reply with a false positive. And very few actually remove threats or traps from your email list. Many do not have the years of experience in email marketing, so you cannot begin to compare services.

For this purpose we will show you what sets us above all the other validation platforms out there.

Here are a few factors to take into consideration when selecting an email validation service.

  • Spamtrap removal: Does the service remove threats, botclickers, and spam traps from your email list? There are only several companies in the entire industry who do so effectively. We are among them and consider ourselves the best in biz. Feel free to put us to the test.
  • Email validation speed: How fast can the company validate your email database? We are extremely fast, quicker than any other platform we are aware of in fact. It usually only takes minutes to validate a list. And that does not mean we do a poor job. Our quality stands above the competition.
  • Validation accuracy: How accurate is the validation process? A poorly validated list is useless to you as a marketer. We suggest you spot test us versus the competition.
  • Cost of mail validation: How expensive is the service? While the old adage "you get what you pay for" is at times true, you do not want to get ripped off for a poorly done job either. Our prices are not the cheapest, but are definitely lower than most of our competitors. And our quality is much better. Test us and see for yourself.
  • Data protection: Is your data secure? Where are your servers located? Do you comply with HIPAA or GDPR? How long is my data retained? These are all questions you should ask. Find out the answers to these questions for our platform here.
  You need to select your email verifier provider smartly. Choosing the wrong email checker means lower delivery, blacklisted IP addresses, and poorly executed email marketing campaigns. Or worse, lost servers, a lawsuit, listed on ROKSO, or a data breach and a PR nightmare with lost client data.                          

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