The Basics of Setting up a Behavioral Email Strategy

The Basics of Setting up a Behavioral Email Strategy

If you’re looking to improve your email engagement rates, setting up behavioral-based email campaigns is one of the most effective ways to do just that.

There are lots of other ways that you can increase your email engagement rates such as adjusting your subject lines, tweaking your design and changing up your calls-to-action, but taking the time to setup behavioral-based campaigns will end up saving you a lot of time in the long run and you’ll increase your conversions in the process.


What are behavioral email campaigns?

A behavioral email is sometimes also referred to as a trigger or transactional email. These particular emails are sent out when a website visitor or subscriber performs a specific action. For example, when a customer signs up for your latest newsletter, a welcome email would be triggered to confirm their subscription and thank them for their support.

According to Experian, transactional email open rates are 8x higher than promotional email rates as they are much more personal and relevant to a recipient in that moment.

There are several different types of behavioral emails that you can setup but it all depends on your business’s online activity and goals.

Setting up your behavioral email strategy for 2017

If you’re looking to start benefiting from transactional and behavioral-based emails, follow these three simple steps to develop a basic strategy.


1. Turn to your data

Before you decide on the trigger emails you’ll be sending out you’ll need to spend some time analyzing your data. Pull reports for any online platform that a customer or prospect might use to engage with your brand. This includes your website, social media pages and emails. Use each of these channels to learn more about your target audience and how they prefer to engage with your business online. Use an email validation service to clean your data if it has not been mailed in some time.

2. Create a list of possible actions

Based on how your target audience engages with you online, what are some of the most obvious and natural actions they would take during these sessions? Use each of your online platforms as if you were a customer or prospect to help create a list of possible actions they would take. This could be anything from submitting an online form, downloading an eBook or making a purchase from your online store. Consider every possibility and pair that up with your data to decide on the actions that are most important and should be pursued.

3. Create your campaigns

Now that you know which behavioral-based emails you’ll be focusing on, you can begin designing and setting your emails up. Remember that these emails are highly personal so they will require some technical know-how in order to pull through specific details for each of the subscribers on your email list. Transactional emails get to the point and have very simple designs in order to reduce any distractions. Once you start running your trigger campaigns, be sure to keep an eye on your stats so that you can optimize where necessary.

And remember, for maximum delivery make sure to use an email verification service to remove any stale email addresses or bounces from our list.

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How to Create a Memorable Welcome Email

How to Create a Memorable Welcome Email

A welcome email is an important campaign for all businesses, here’s how to make yours great.

A brand’s welcome email serves as a first impression. Thanking your customers for their support and acknowledging them as new subscribers gets your relationships off to a good start.

A recent study by Return Path shows that welcome emails have a 42% higher read rate than the average email, making this one of the most important automated campaigns that a business can send.

The beauty of a welcome email is that it’s simple to setup and it doesn’t require a lot of copy or an intricate design, yet it’s an email that can drastically improve your conversion rates and grow your brand.


Tips for creating an impactful welcome email

If you really want your welcome email to stand out, here are a few helpful tips.

  • Use the right ‘from’ address

In order to avoid any confusion, use a ‘from’ email address that’s easily recognizable. When a recipient can’t immediately tell who an email is from there’s a good chance they will ignore it or simply delete it.

  • Be timely

Your welcome email should reach your new subscriber within a few hours. When a welcome email is only received the day after someone signs up, it doesn’t have as big an impact.

  • Stay true to your brand

The reason why someone signs up for your emails is because they can relate to your brand, find your content or products interesting and would like to hear from you on a regular basis. Make sure that you’re incorporating your brand’s unique personality and values into your emails, including your welcome email. It helps get subscribers excited about your future emails.

  • Deliver on your promises

If you’re going to be offering an incentive for signing up, make sure that the offer can be redeemed in your welcome email. Don’t send this in a separate campaign as it might cause the user to change their mind about subscribing when you don’t deliver on your promise. They may even report your email as SPAM.

  • Make it personal

This welcome email is all about your new subscriber so personalize your email by addressing them by name. Most businesses ask for a name, surname and email address during sign-up so you should have this information available to you already.

  • Drive traffic to your other platforms

Your welcome email is the perfect opportunity to tell new subscribers about your social media pages or to send them to your website. You shouldn’t overwhelm them with too much information though so stick to one or two links or calls-to-action.

  • Create a simple subject line

Your subject line is another aspect that can be used to help subscribers recognize who your email is from and to encourage opens. Create an engaging subject line that gets to the point.

  • Use amazing images

Since your welcome email should be short and sweet, make use of one or two amazing images to grab your audiences’ attention and set the tone for future emails. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

  • Set expectations

Use your welcome email to give your subscribers a better idea of what they can expect from you going forward. Tell them how often they’ll be hearing from your brand and what content they can expect.

  • Don’t forget an unsubscribe link

Even though you are confirming a new subscription, you should always include an unsubscribe link to increase trust and to avoid being blacklisted. Unsubscribe links are required by current CAN-SPAM regulations. The last thing you want is to end up on a blacklist and need to remove email from Spamhaus.

  • Maintain good list hygiene

Be sure to keep your client list free from hard bounces, inactive users, and bad emails. We suggest you periodically verify your email list to prevent blacklisted IP’s and poor delivery. The last thing you want is to be listed on a spam rbl list.


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The Critical Importance of Email List Hygiene

Why you should be keeping a squeaky clean email list.

While there are a number of different factors that contribute to the success of your email marketing campaigns, starting with a clean database is by far the most important. This is where email list hygiene comes into play.

You might have an email database that consists entirely of double-opt ins but this doesn’t mean that some of your email addresses don’t have the potential to get you into trouble in the long run.

Your email subscribers will generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. Engaged subscribers – They regularly read your emails and click through to your landing pages
  2. Unsubscribes – They have opted out of receiving emails from your brand
  3. Hard Bounces – Their email address is failing

Once a subscriber agrees to receive emails from your business, it’s critical to keep an eye on their activity and how often they’re engaging with your emails. When monitoring engagement, clicks and opens are the most important metrics along with email bounces and delivery success rates.

The reason why it’s essential to keep track of these metrics is because once you notice that you are no longer successfully delivering emails to certain addresses, or your emails are no longer being opened by some of your subscribers, you risk being marked as a spammer by keeping them on your email list. This is where email hygiene comes in.

Email list hygiene means keeping your database free of unengaged subscribers who have the potential to damage your brand. Internet service providers will generally flag an email sender when they show a high complaint rate, are sending to abandoned email address or they’re sending emails to unknown accounts.

Keeping your email list clean can be a full time job all on its own but with the right email marketing tools, you can easily avoid the dreaded spammer mark. Be sure to check the quality of your email list before you send out your next campaign.

With you can signup for a FREE account and test a small list to see how well it works. Get started today.

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6 Tips for Effective Email List Hygiene

email verification

6 Tips for Effective Email List Hygiene

How to correctly manage your email list hygiene to see exceptional results.

Every successful email campaign starts with a clean, strong email list. Email list hygiene is a crucial part of this. If the foundation of your email marketing strategy is cracked, it will eventually start affecting your results.

Email list management has become an important practice for all email marketers and one that your business should adopt if you haven’t already.

Why email list management matters?

Below are some of the most important reasons why you should be giving your email list hygiene some proper attention on a regular basis.

  1. A clean email list speeds up your campaign process and ensures that you can focus on the optimization of your campaigns instead.
  2. When you scrub your email list on a regular basis you increase your overall deliverability rates.
  3. A well-managed email list will increase your return on investment in the long run.
  4. A clean email list will help you build and maintain a good online reputation that will ensure better campaign success rates.

Tips for effective email list management

If you want to ramp up your email list management efforts, below are six tips that you can start implementing immediately.

  1. Remove Inactive Subscribers

Your email list should only contain engaged subscribers. Low engagement rates place a bad mark on your IP and could eventually lead to your IP being blacklisted. Before you remove your inactive subscribers though, setup a campaign to try and win them back. Offer them a discount or a freebie to see if they take you up on the offer. You could also simply tell them that you will be removing their email address within a specific period of time and that they should click on a link if they would like to remain subscribed.

  1. Monitor Your Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate can mean that you have a lot of inactive or non-existent email addresses on your list. When ISPs pick up on a high bounce rate they could potentially mark you as spam so it’s best to remove these addresses from your list.

  1. Segment Your List

In order to improve your email campaign results it pays to start collecting as much data as possible on each of your subscribers so that you can start segmenting your list to send them more relevant campaigns. Decide on your segmentation groups before you start adding your data labels.

  1. Watch Those Feedback Loops

Monitoring your complaint rates will help you better manage your email list. There are many subscribers out there that would rather just mark you as spam when it’s just as easy to unsubscribe. By keeping an eye on these feedback loops you can immediately remove these recipients from your list.

  1. Adopt a Double Opt-In

A double opt-in process not only ensures that the recipients on your list want to hear from you but it also ensures that you are only adding email addresses with valid formats to your list. A subscriber won’t receive a subscription confirmation email if the address they entered isn’t correct or valid. There is also the option of implementing real-time email validation to immediately pick up whether an email address is valid.

  1. Use the Right Tools

Email list management becomes a lot easier when you have access to the right tools. There are many tools out there that make list hygiene and email campaign management easier to manage so that you can focus on results and campaign optimization instead.

At we offer FREE signup to check out how these tool can help you with your data.

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Tactics for Increasing Your Click-Through Rates

17 Terrific Tactics for Increasing Your Email Click-Through Rates

There are many different ways that you can increase your email click-through rates; here are a few of the best tactics.

Have you ever developed an incredible email campaign only to find that your click-through rates aren’t as high as you thought they would be?

It does happen but it’s definitely something that you can easily improve with a few clever yet simple tactics.Include one call-to-action. While it’s definitely ok to display your call-to-action more than once, it’s best to only stick to one type of action. To avoid confusion, only ask your email recipients to perform one action per email.


Get to the point. There is still a place for longer emails but when you’re trying to get a recipient to convert it’s best to keep your email copy short if you want it to be effective. Have a user click through to your website if you would really like to give them additional information.

Segment that list. The more relevant an email is, the more likely it is that a recipient will open it. Users don’t want to have to read through content that won’t benefit them in some way. By segmenting your list you can make your emails as relevant as possible.

Give it some personality. When you develop your email copy, add a bit of your brand’s personality to the mix to make your copy sound more conversational and engaging.

Make sure that your emails are responsive. A large percentage of online users access their emails using their mobile devices on a daily basis and this number is only going to continue growing so it’s in your best interest to ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly.

Timing is everything. When would a prospect or client be most interested in clicking on a link in your email? Do they have the time and are they in the right frame of mind? Test out your timing to increase your click-through rates.

Use their fear of missing out. People hate missing out so throw a bit of urgency into your email to increase your clicks.

Give them the option to share. Including social sharing buttons in your emails will not only potentially increase your clicks but your reach too. While one recipient might not be interested in a particular offer, they might know somebody that would be.

Personalize your messages. Personalization goes beyond addressing someone by name. You could also start mentioning past downloads, purchases and content they’ve recently read to make your email more relevant.

Resend unopened emails. While you should never resend hard bounce emails, if an email has only returned a soft bounce, resend it at a later stage so that you aren’t missing out on any potential clicks.

Use video. According to Insivia, using videos in emails increases email click-through rates by up to 300%. If you have the means to create video content, use it in one of your emails to test the results.

Don’t make your design over-complicated. This point fits in with keeping your email copy simple. Keep your design just as simple to avoid overwhelming your recipients.

Remove distractions. If you want to keep your recipients focused on your call-to-action, don’t include a menu in your header or any advertising. If you’re sending out a regular newsletter, advertising can be used but keep it to a minimum.

Get automated. Automatic email campaigns are highly relevant. The recipient will have just performed a specific action so an automated campaign will send them the right message at exactly the right time.

Use action-based calls-to-action. Instead of using the usual Click Here or Read More CTAs, make them more action-based. Use words like Grab, Watch, Shop or Start.

Test your frequency. Look at how often you are emailing your clients and whether sending emails more often or a little less changes your click-through rates.

Social proof works wonders. Trying to sell a specific product? Include a few testimonials as social proof to increase your clicks.

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Creating Email Campaigns that Convert Like Crazy

email campaigns

Creating Email Campaigns that Convert Like Crazy

What’s considered an attractive offer and how should you use it in an email campaign?

For most marketers email marketing is a core party of their overall strategy. Emails are a gateway between your business and potential leads but how can you stand out from your competitors when online users are receiving countless marketing emails every week?

When it comes to email marketing, not all businesses get it right and this tends to leave a lot of recipients with a sour taste in their mouths. There are so many elements to consider as you develop an email campaign and including an offer is one way to get your recipients to pay attention to what you have to say.

Why email campaigns help with conversions

You want something from me but what am I getting in return? Reciprocity is the reason why so many marketers are successfully increasing their email marketing conversion rates.

We as humans are automatically more willing to give something away if we’re getting something of value in return.

An appealing offer coupled with a great design and a few best practices is all it takes to collect more qualified leads and increase your conversions.


What makes an email offer good?

As you develop an offer for your future email recipients, ask yourself the following questions to decide whether they’ll be jumping at the chance to convert:

  1. Is my offer solving a problem or fulfilling a need? As a marketer, you should already have some detailed research on your target audience at your disposal. What is a common problem that your target audience is experiencing and how can you help fulfill a need or solve a problem for them? Your offer should help fill this gap.
  2. Is my offer aligned with my business? Offering something that isn’t related to your business will simply end up causing a lot of confusion. Your offer should have a strong link to what you do if you want potential leads to make the connection and see the value in what you have to offer.
  3. Is my offer easy to redeem? When a prospect is interested in your offer they don’t want to have to fill in pages of details before they can get their hands on it. Keep the process simple to keep potential leads happy right from the start.

Tips for developing your offer-based email campaign

As you develop your email campaign, there are a few important things for you to keep in mind.

Segmentation is important

Your recipients are individuals so segment your email list in order to make each of your offers as relevant as possible to specific groups of recipients. It’s always a good idea to create buyer personas to assist with your list segmentation. The personas will help you gain a better understanding of the individual people that make up your email list and how your business can fulfil a need or solve a problem.

Develop a catchy subject line

It might only be one sentence but it’s the first thing your recipients will see when your email lands in their inbox. Stay away from cryptic subject lines and instead create something that speaks directly to how your offer will benefit your recipients. Throw in a dash of creativity to really stand out.

Emphasize your value proposition

Your value proposition should be linked to why people should do business with you; your offer is simply a bonus. Don’t write an essay either. Your value proposition should be clear, short and to the point. Make sure that this copy stands out so that it’ll immediately catch your recipient’s eye.

Keep your lead capture form as simple as possible

Always link your offer to a lead capture form but make the form as simple as possible. Since you are giving your recipients something in return for their details you can ask for a few additional details over and above their name and email address, but don’t ask too much of them or they might decide that your offer simply isn’t worth their time.

Shorter is better

Your email campaigns should inform your recipient exactly why you’re contacting them and how they can redeem your offer. Don’t introduce your business or give them details about your products or services. Your copy should be short and easy for your audience to take in if you want to make the most of the few seconds of attention that your email will get.

Make use of amazing visuals in your email campaigns

A picture really does say a thousand words. Amazing visuals paired with a strong value proposition is all you need to convince your recipients to convert. Show them a photo of your product or service in action or if your offer is really something to shout about, you can use a shot of that too.

Be strategic about call-to-action placement

Your call-to-action should stand out and tell your recipients exactly what will happen once they click on a link or button in your email. If you would like to draw in website visitors too, include your offer and a call-to-action on your website too.

Use social media for extra reach

There are countless ways to reach potential leads online. Promote your offer on your social media pages to extend your reach. Fans and followers who are happy with your offer won’t hesitate to share it either so it pays to promote it on social media too.

Clean your data

To keep your list responsive and ensure good delivery make sure to periodically clean your email list. Remove hard bounces with email verification. You can also identify better performing data with data AI feature. We can identify which emails have opened and what verticals the consumer is interested in.

To learn more contact us to find out how we can return huge ROI on your list.




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Email Data Scrubbing Tips You Need to Know

Email Data Scrubbing Tips You Need to Know

How to make the most of your email list by keeping it clean.

An email list scrubber is essential for any email marketing campaign. A database that is left to its own devices will only lead to trouble in the long run when ISPs start blocking your emails.

Your email lists should be monitored and cleaned at least once a month.

It helps to look into a data scrubbing service that can make this job a little easier for you.


Key data scrubbing tips

Below are just some of the tips you can implement to get better at keeping your email list as clean and functional as possible.


  • Get rid of role accounts. It’s best to remove emails that are sent to support@, info@, report@ etc. email addresses as most of these are not monitored and can lead to potential spam related issues later on.


  • Remove bounces. If an email address is bouncing, it needs to come off your list as soon as possible as this will tell ISPs that you are sending out emails to people who don’t exist, and that you are more than likely sending out spam.


  • Get rid of inactive emails. Keeping track of email clicks and opens will tell you which of your subscribers are inactive and no longer engaging with your emails. Set a time period to monitor this in though. For example, if you send out a weekly email, monitor engagement levels for the next three months and then decide whether you should rather remove the email address in question.


    • Check formatting. Ensure that all of the emails in your list have the right formatting. If an email is missing a character or @ in the address it will bounce.


Should you need further help or a service many in the industry rely in for hygiene contact us and we will be happy to help with your hygiene needs.

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How Better Email List Validation Improves Business

How Better Email List Validation Improves Business

The purpose of each business is to keep the expenses to a bare minimum while taking the earning to the most possible.  Most of the advanced email address books do use some simple validation procedures which would cut out the most unwanted listing in a bulk mail list.  All enterprises that did undertake email list validation has reported better business sentiments for having initiated the process.

With some very advanced forms of address books going to the extent of comparing listing of directories and data banks to come to a reasonable conclusion on the integrity of the listings; the simple verification procedure just got more complex than ever.


Integrating the verification process with the CRM packages

The modern-day reliance on email communication to get across to different people spread right across the world has meant that verification processes need to be more proactive.  With the leading vendors of email scrubber software realizing the importance of maintaining the credibility of the mailing lists have taken to using some of the most potent filters to remove spam and unresponsive email addresses.

It is possible to upgrade the data sources to include more and more email domains when it comes to putting to practical use the simple email addresses.  The increasing reach and use of the web services have only accentuated the need to maintain secure data systems as has been demonstrated in the past.

With the more advanced of email list validation software, there is a fair bit of automation involved which gets to find a large number of takers for the effective control of the lists.


How much investment is just right?

One of the prime concerns of business applications is the need to show a return for money spent.  So it is the more efficient of workings that would find takers and for the profit that it promises the user.  One of the key features of technology is that it gets to be more affordable as time passes.  Thus what passed off as somewhat highly priced would get to be within reach of most people as time passes by.

This does in effect reduce the breakeven point of software solutions, and this is something that is getting increasingly relevant to future uses of technology.  The auto scan feature of most software solutions too would make the use of the list validation service one of the most efficient possible.


The key to marketing successes

There would not be a marketing campaign that does not rely on the use of scrubber software to clean out the email mailing lists.  This not only makes the email addresses relevant to the campaign but gets to bring in the most return for the money spent.

Most marketing professionals do complain of the false leads that are generated, and one of the most workable solutions to avoiding the false leads is to use some of the most potent and useful cleaning software to be had.

Good clean email mailing list should be able to provide the marketing executive with just the right balance to a marketing campaign.  The end results must be presented as tabular presentations which make the analysis of data simple and easy to perform.


Customizations with email communications

Few people can ignore the direct approach that being addressed by the name brings about.  It is considered to be more personal and friendly to do so.  Some of the most potent applications used in the cleaning of the emails to provide the user with the personalization efforts that are so needed with people.

Customizations are what set apart the more professional business setups from the mediocre performers.  The direct approach does produce quicker results than otherwise.


Spam Traps

The increased use of spam traps to help keep out soliciting by marketing professionals or for that matter anyone with access to the internet has meant that it is possible to keep the spam activity to the bare minimum. With the more innovative uses of email management programs, it is possible to get past the most robust blocks put up by the anti-virus and spammer software. Our services are excellent at spamtrap removal.


Creating leads

The leads are lines of communication that are opened up to the user.  With the correct use of the email management software, it is possible to generate the most relevant of leads to the situation.  But it would be wrong to consider that the leads are used only for marketing purposes only.  Typically the leads are what start out the conversation which could culminate in the finalization of a deal.

Starting With A Clean Email List

Starting With A Clean Email List

In order to maintain a clean email list you will need email validation services.  Quite unlike the physical address of a person which in effect is decided by the physical presence of the individual, an email address can be changed at will and even regularly if the need so arises.  So in practice, people do change the email addresses and a number of times, there is bound to be a different email address for each of the purpose intended.


The need for the verification of the email addresses

There are often situations when the email address of a particular individual needs to be verified for its very existence.  Thus comes about the email validation that is performed to ensure that the listed out email addresses do indeed exist and are current.  Although there is little harm to having an old mailing list, it is more of better operational efficiency to have the verified email address lists.

The issue of ensuring that the email addresses do exist has to do with the fact that more and more services are using the sending of emails to communicate with the various people.  Earlier there was a process of backup communication that sent in back up snail mails to ensure delivery of the communication.

Since the use of snail mail to backup email addresses tends to be somewhat wasteful in the use of time and money, the preferable method to handle the issue of ensuring safe delivery of communication is to use the best email list validation.  The customer is assured of safe delivery of communication in over 90% of validated email addresses.


Making the time spent on sending emails count

The modern enterprises work on the premise that time means money and if there is some method to cut out wasteful spending of time, then it would be much appreciated by everyone.  Working with a verified email list ensures that there is a greater success of finding the right addressee most of the time.  Since most email domains can be miswritten, this only stresses the role for the verification of email accounts.

It is one of the most productive practices to use verified mass mailing lists as far as possible.  At the very least it ensures that the communication reaches to the intended person every single time.


The cost structure of the typical email verification services

It would make better sense to verify as much of email addresses as possible.  This would ensure that the cost of verification per email address is kept to the bare minimum.  For the majority of businesses, the fact that costs incurred at each instance of the introduction of new technology can be recouped as better levels of performance is the single driving force behind the standard systems upgrades.

Email validation is a tremendous business opportunity that works to the advantage of those using such services.  The present trends to the cost of email validation would mean that the future costs of the service are still going to get lesser by the day.

Considering the motley crew that runs the typical email validation service, it is the discerning customer that seeks out the better service provider before entrusting work to the person.  The active roles played by the use of technology when it comes to an understanding of the needs of the verification industry only make verification exercises dependable and not operator supported.


Use of mailing software

It is common for the large corporations and enterprises to use some form of mailing software to communicate with all those involved in the running of the enterprise.  One of the significant functions of the mailing software is that it can on its own create mailing lists.  Often the typical software does study the habits of the regular user of the mailing programs to come up with regular checks on the common points that the audit provides each time.

Time does play a crucial role in the functioning of the mailing applications.  The ever stronger part of the smartphone has only brought in flexibilities in the manner the operator uses the mailing software most of the time.



It is never as though that each of the instances of people using verification services is the same. The discerning customer would pick out the most suited of programs to have the emails verified and thus maintain the overall integrity of the whole system as far as possible.