Can I download a list of spam traps so I can remove them from my database?

email validation

No, unfortunately we do not allow clients to download a list of identified spam traps. The reason for this is we have had competitors reverse our hard work and call it their own. We take pride in having the best email validation platform in the biz, and want to keep our edge.

What we do allow is a download of all invalid email addresses. This will include traps, honeypots, hard bounces, complainers, litigators, etc all in one file. You can use this as a suppression, but the individual codes will not be broken down.

If you have an issue with spamtraps and blacklistings I suggest you run it through our email validation.

You should identify the source to prevent further issues and eliminate bad data sources. A few tips:

  1. If you’ve purchased or added new data or email lists identify the source and segregate.
  2. If you’ve mailed an old list that was dormant for some time, you should validate it.
  3. Older lists will have expired emails that will be a hard bounce. Verify these lists to remove hard bounces and potential traps that have been created from the old email addresses.
  4. Are you sending targeted offers to your list? An offer to the wrong list can cause abuse and complaints.