Creating Email Campaigns that Convert Like Crazy

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Creating Email Campaigns that Convert Like Crazy

What’s considered an attractive offer and how should you use it in an email campaign?

For most marketers email marketing is a core party of their overall strategy. Emails are a gateway between your business and potential leads but how can you stand out from your competitors when online users are receiving countless marketing emails every week?

When it comes to email marketing, not all businesses get it right and this tends to leave a lot of recipients with a sour taste in their mouths. There are so many elements to consider as you develop an email campaign and including an offer is one way to get your recipients to pay attention to what you have to say.

Why email campaigns help with conversions

You want something from me but what am I getting in return? Reciprocity is the reason why so many marketers are successfully increasing their email marketing conversion rates.

We as humans are automatically more willing to give something away if we’re getting something of value in return.

An appealing offer coupled with a great design and a few best practices is all it takes to collect more qualified leads and increase your conversions.


What makes an email offer good?

As you develop an offer for your future email recipients, ask yourself the following questions to decide whether they’ll be jumping at the chance to convert:

  1. Is my offer solving a problem or fulfilling a need? As a marketer, you should already have some detailed research on your target audience at your disposal. What is a common problem that your target audience is experiencing and how can you help fulfill a need or solve a problem for them? Your offer should help fill this gap.
  2. Is my offer aligned with my business? Offering something that isn’t related to your business will simply end up causing a lot of confusion. Your offer should have a strong link to what you do if you want potential leads to make the connection and see the value in what you have to offer.
  3. Is my offer easy to redeem? When a prospect is interested in your offer they don’t want to have to fill in pages of details before they can get their hands on it. Keep the process simple to keep potential leads happy right from the start.

Tips for developing your offer-based email campaign

As you develop your email campaign, there are a few important things for you to keep in mind.

Segmentation is important

Your recipients are individuals so segment your email list in order to make each of your offers as relevant as possible to specific groups of recipients. It’s always a good idea to create buyer personas to assist with your list segmentation. The personas will help you gain a better understanding of the individual people that make up your email list and how your business can fulfil a need or solve a problem.

Develop a catchy subject line

It might only be one sentence but it’s the first thing your recipients will see when your email lands in their inbox. Stay away from cryptic subject lines and instead create something that speaks directly to how your offer will benefit your recipients. Throw in a dash of creativity to really stand out.

Emphasize your value proposition

Your value proposition should be linked to why people should do business with you; your offer is simply a bonus. Don’t write an essay either. Your value proposition should be clear, short and to the point. Make sure that this copy stands out so that it’ll immediately catch your recipient’s eye.

Keep your lead capture form as simple as possible

Always link your offer to a lead capture form but make the form as simple as possible. Since you are giving your recipients something in return for their details you can ask for a few additional details over and above their name and email address, but don’t ask too much of them or they might decide that your offer simply isn’t worth their time.

Shorter is better

Your email campaigns should inform your recipient exactly why you’re contacting them and how they can redeem your offer. Don’t introduce your business or give them details about your products or services. Your copy should be short and easy for your audience to take in if you want to make the most of the few seconds of attention that your email will get.

Make use of amazing visuals in your email campaigns

A picture really does say a thousand words. Amazing visuals paired with a strong value proposition is all you need to convince your recipients to convert. Show them a photo of your product or service in action or if your offer is really something to shout about, you can use a shot of that too.

Be strategic about call-to-action placement

Your call-to-action should stand out and tell your recipients exactly what will happen once they click on a link or button in your email. If you would like to draw in website visitors too, include your offer and a call-to-action on your website too.

Use social media for extra reach

There are countless ways to reach potential leads online. Promote your offer on your social media pages to extend your reach. Fans and followers who are happy with your offer won’t hesitate to share it either so it pays to promote it on social media too.

Clean your data

To keep your list responsive and ensure good delivery make sure to periodically clean your email list. Remove hard bounces with email verification. You can also identify better performing data with data AI feature. We can identify which emails have opened and what verticals the consumer is interested in.

To learn more contact us to find out how we can return huge ROI on your list.




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