Email Data Scrubbing Tips You Need to Know

Email Data Scrubbing Tips You Need to Know

How to make the most of your email list by keeping it clean.

An email list scrubber is essential for any email marketing campaign. A database that is left to its own devices will only lead to trouble in the long run when ISPs start blocking your emails.

Your email lists should be monitored and cleaned at least once a month.

It helps to look into a data scrubbing service that can make this job a little easier for you.


Key data scrubbing tips

Below are just some of the tips you can implement to get better at keeping your email list as clean and functional as possible.


  • Get rid of role accounts. It’s best to remove emails that are sent to support@, info@, report@ etc. email addresses as most of these are not monitored and can lead to potential spam related issues later on.


  • Remove bounces. If an email address is bouncing, it needs to come off your list as soon as possible as this will tell ISPs that you are sending out emails to people who don’t exist, and that you are more than likely sending out spam.


  • Get rid of inactive emails. Keeping track of email clicks and opens will tell you which of your subscribers are inactive and no longer engaging with your emails. Set a time period to monitor this in though. For example, if you send out a weekly email, monitor engagement levels for the next three months and then decide whether you should rather remove the email address in question.


    • Check formatting. Ensure that all of the emails in your list have the right formatting. If an email is missing a character or @ in the address it will bounce.


Should you need further help or a service many in the industry rely in for hygiene contact us and we will be happy to help with your hygiene needs.

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