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Our Email List Hygiene Service is Designed to Keep Your Database Clean

The biggest challenge for email marketers is with email list hygiene and the effect it has on delivery. This is especially true with aged, stale, or purchased and leased lists. If you don't keep your email list regularly engaged and follow best practices or if you acquire a new list you are at serious risk. With our email list hygiene service you will be able to scrub, clean and validate your email database with our easy to use bulk email validation tool. Email validation should be a normal part email hygiene routine. Your email list should be active, engaged... and most importantly contain valid emails. While email hygiene services are all very different, the primary end result is to keep a list owners data clean. Email list cleaning or a data scrubbing service helps ensure that your data is accurate, correctly formatted and deliverable. In other words, data scrubbing makes sure your data is ready work for you and delivery results. When shopping for providers we suggest testing a small file to ensure the service will solve your issues and help you maintain a healthy list. We have been in the space for many years and have helped thousands of customers with spamtraps, bounces, and delivery issues. We can help you keep delivery high and preserve your sender reputation.  

Features of our email list hygiene process

Our email list hygiene service is guaranteed to perform full list sanitation and cleansing, and has the following features:
  • Removal of invalid TLD's (top level domains)
  • Duplicate address removal
  • Proprietary syntax validation
  • Removal of botclickers
  • Removal of departmental emails (info@ abuse@ webmaster@)
  • Identifying and removing Litigators. These are law firms and individuals known to initiate legal proceedings against marketers.
  • Foreign address removal if desired. This can be useful for recent GDPR rules.
  • Common typo handling and correction
  • Removal of non-deliverable email addresses (DNS validation, parked, and invalid)
  • Removal or correction of syntax errors (RFC standards)
  • Suppression of cached hard bounces. For real time hard bounce removal select our email verification service.
  • Removal of disposable email addresses (DEA)
  • Removal of addresses containing threat strings (curse words, known spam trap keywords, names associated to litigators and spam fighters, etc.)
  • Machine learning algo to vet HAMMY provider traps (Hotmail, AOL, MSN, Microsoft, Yahoo)
  • Removal of departmental emails (info@ abuse@ webmaster@)
  • DNS validation and MX record lookup

How can list hygiene help me?

List hygiene is crucial to overall database health and delivery. Failure to maintain a clean list can kill delivery, and in turn ROI on your marketing efforts. To reduce this threat and ensure good email deliverability you must remove invalid, dead and disposable email addresses. You only want to mail active and engaged clients. Proper email hygiene will reduce hard bounces, lower SPAM complaints, and help you avoid blacklisted IP addresses. The goal of email list cleaning and hygiene services is to help keep your email lists fresh and maximize delivery and ROI on your campaigns.  

What makes us the best email list hygiene service?

We have more experience and knowledge than others in the industry. Unlike the competition, we are actually emailers and marketers ourselves, so we know the pitfalls and issues that plague marketers.  

How much does is cost to clean an email list?

We have a very simple, highly competitive fee structure, being a fixed monthly amount based on average monthly validations. We currently charge one credit or $.0005 per email ($497 per million). For further info on pricing please click here.   Email hygiene should be performed regularly.

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