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What is Email Verification?

Email verification is a complicated process during which an email is checked to see if the mailbox exists, and the user is currently active. This is done using a multi step process usually involving MX record checks, syntax error removal or corrections, and connecting to the recipients mailserver to verify if the email address actually exists.

Some email verification services also remove spamtraps or possible threats in your email list such as role accounts, botclickers, honeypots, and litigators. We provide this service with our email verification. This helps maintain your Senderscore and IP reputation.

There are three responses with our email verification platform:

Valid - After a successful SMTP repsonse from the recipients mailserver (and passing all our validation steps) an email will be marked as "valid." will be marked Valid Email Address. These email addresses will be safe to send to. Sending to any other status except "responsive" is generally not recommended, even though the email address may be valid.

Invalid - An email address will be marked "invalid" if it fails any of the steps in our process. It means that the email account does not exist on or is dormant.

Unknown - Sometimes the recipients mailserver responds takes time to respond or is temporarily to process requests. In this case, the email address will be marked "unknown." It is generally not advised to email these addresses, although you may do so apart from your "valid" emails if you choose.

If you select the our service that identifies "responsive" data then that is another status that may show. This will be any known opens and clickers in a file, or the most valuable portion of your list.

Email verification is a crucial tool used to help email marketers maintain proper list hygiene.

Email verification can help solve delivery and maintain list hygiene if used on a regular schedule. By doing to you will be able to maintain a good reputation and consistently see a good ROI on your marketing efforts.

Why Should I Verify My Email List?

According to independent research more than 20% of email signups contain typos, syntax errors, disposable domains, and other error or potential threats.

On top of that it is reported that 30% of emails become invalid over the period of one year.

If you have as little as 1% invalid emails in your client list you lose 10% in delivery to the recipients. And if 10% of your emails are invalid, delivery tanks... and less than 44% make it to the recipient.

For this reason it is essential you verify your email database on a consistent basis. If not, you will begin to see a negative effect on your email marketing campaigns. Your senderscore will drop, and delivery along with it.

Our service removes unwanted hard bounces from your list so you can send safely.  

How Our Email Verification Service Process

Below are steps we go through during our email verification process:

  • Failed MX lookup
  • Spamtraps and honeypots
  • Lashback email addresses
  • Known expired domains
  • Cached hard bounces
  • Disposable (one time use) email addresses
  • Known litigators and attorneys involved in lawsuits against email marketers
  • Syntax errors corrected or suppressed
  • Role accounts
  • Duplicate emails
  • Departmental emails
  • Known threats
  • Check recipient mailserver to verify email exists
  • True smtp connection

How Long Does It Take To Verify My Email Database?

Email verification is a longer process than our base email validation service. Since we actually do connect with a true smtp connection it is best to usually wait 24 hours or so for the list to finish. Most other platforms do not perform this last step, but we feel it is critical tot he process and will ensure the most accurate reporting. For larger email lists (over 100k records) it can take up to several days.

There are common issues when it comes to email verification. We do our best and with our multi pronged approach and systems in place are able to provide a high quality product in comparison to the competition.  

Will Your Email Verification Remove Spamtraps?

Our email validation service remove spam traps and threats from your email list.

This process is included with our email verification plan at no additional cost.  

Will Your Service Remove Hard Bounces From My Email Lists?

Yes, that is what it is designed to do. It will remove almost all hard bounces from your email database.

Once in a while there are issues verifying an email list, but with our multiple step process we should get you under a 5% bounce rate.

This is the acceptable rate for bounces with most ESP's.  

How Much Does Email Verification Cost?

Our email verification service is three credits or $.0015 per email address.

This includes all the features that come with the email validation process.  

What Results Will I See From Email Verification?

Most of our clients see less than 3% bounce rate with our verification process. Should you have any issues do not hesitate to contact support.  

The Best Email Verification Company

Not all email validation companies are created equally. Email validation is a very complicated process, and one that most companies do not perform correctly. Sure, many platforms can connect remotely to the recipients mailserver with a simple recipient command and wait for the response. What they don;t tell you is that many mailservers no longer send replies. Or reply with a false positive. And very few actually remove threats or traps from your email list. Many do not have the years of experience in email marketing, so you cannot begin to compare services.

For this purpose we will show you what sets us above all the other validation platforms out there.

Here are a few factors to take into consideration when selecting an email validation service.

  • Hard bounce removal: Does the platform remove the required amount of hard bounces? Do they actually send an smtp message or are thy only "pinging" the mailserver with a rcpt command? We go the extra step for our clients and it shows here.
  • Email verification accuracy: How accurate is the verification process? A poorly verified list that does not remove hard bounces is a delivery killer. We suggest you spot test us versus the competition.
  • Cost of mail verification: How expensive is the service? While the old adage "you get what you pay for" is at times true, you do not want to get ripped off for a poorly done job either. Our prices are not the cheapest, but are definitely lower than most of our competitors. Test us and see for yourself.
  • Data protection: Is your data secure? Where are your servers located? Do you comply with HIPAA or GDPR? How long is my data retained? These are all questions you should ask. Find out the answers to these questions for our platform here.
  You need to select your email verifier provider smartly. Choosing the wrong email checker means lower delivery, blacklisted IP addresses, and poorly executed email marketing campaigns. Or worse, lost servers, a lawsuit, listed on ROKSO, or a data breach and a PR nightmare with lost client data.    

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